Governor Gordon: Wyoming Residents “Will Mask Up” if They Want to See Progress

Governor Gordon: Wyoming Residents “Will Mask Up” if They Want to See Progress

Governor Mark Gordon during a press conference on July 1.

CHEYENNE — Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon spoke on the “disappointing” rise in positive COVID-19 Coronavirus cases over the last few weeks during his press conference Wednesday afternoon.

He said there have been 19 new cases on Wednesday alone and there are nine current hospitalizations. What he called “carelessness” in people has led to other states having to reconsider their closures and public health orders, and he noted that Wyoming does not want to have to look at rescinding orders.

Governor Gordon said Wyoming has three possible outcomes based on how residents respond to the pandemic from here on out.

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The first outcome is people doing the right thing in terms of social distancing, proper hygiene, and wearing face coverings which will allow the state to progress and remove remaining public health orders.

The second outcome is having to rescind or roll back public health orders. The third outcome is having to close businesses again due to staff getting sick or having to self isolate.

Gordon said up until two weeks ago he was hopeful that the state could eliminate all health orders. However, with the rise in positive cases, he instead extended them through July 15.

“We were successful,” Governor Gordon said, “and now we’re being less careful and that is bringing consequences.”

He said the state was making good progress, but the situation is now concerning. Both Governor Gordon and Dr. Alexia Harrist, State Health Officer, said wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing of six feet is strongly encouraged to see progress and the hopeful eventual removal of public health orders.

Gordon believes Wyoming residents have become “cavalier” and that has resulted in the uptick in cases.

“That carelessness and cavalier attitude has been incredibly unfortunate,” Governor Gordon said.

He said if Wyomingites want to keep the state open and progressing, “people will mask up.”