Governor Gordon’s Education Initiative Releases Results from Statewide Survey

Governor Gordon’s Education Initiative Releases Results from Statewide Survey

Governor Mark Gordon’s K-12 Education advisory group has released a report summarizing feedback it received from Wyoming residents interested in the future of education in the state.

More than 7,000 Wyoming residents participated in the online survey and highlighted both the perceived strengths of the state’s education system, as well as areas of opportunity. The survey was administered by the Governor’s Reimagining and Innovating the Delivery of Education (RIDE) Advisory Group.

Areas where respondents said the state was doing a good job of preparing students for the future included: “learning outcomes and expectations”; “class content and structure” and “STEM subjects” as themes.  

Respondents said the state could improve related to “learning outcomes and expectations”; “class content and structure” and said Wyoming schools could be doing a better job of preparing students with life skills. 

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A common theme expressed was a belief that one way to improve education is to spend resources, and to allocate them appropriately.

The Governor noted that the survey is an early part of the work of the RIDE Advisory group. The information and input provided will be built upon and further expanded during the community listening sessions, with a goal of developing policy proposals that will address some of the needs identified.  

This report is a great place to start reimagining education because it is constructive feedback, not an indictment of our schools. It’s always good to take an honest look at our performance and I’m deeply appreciative of the number of Wyomingites that are engaged in this effort.This is a chance for us to gather information and identify opportunities about how and where we can improve.

-Governor Mark Gordon

“I encourage anyone who has taken the time to make their thoughts known to continue their involvement through the community listening sessions,” he added. “And for those who have not, this is an opportunity for you to now get involved.”

The Executive Summary and complete results from the survey, along with additional information about the upcoming listening sessions may be found on the RIDE Advisory group website,

The listening sessions, along with registration links, are as follows:

June 14-15 – Afton  //  LCSD Administration Building [Register]

June 15-16 – Rock Springs // Holiday Inn [Register]

June 21-22 – Powell // Northwest Community College. [Register]

June 22-23 – Riverton // Central Wyoming Community College [Register]

July 19-20 – Gillette // Gillette College [Register]

July 20-21 – Casper // Casper College [Register]

July 26-27 – Cheyenne // Wyoming Capitol [Register]

July 27 // Virtual Registration coming soon

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