Governor Mark Gordon Signs 27 Bills Into Law

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has been busy this legislative session signing 27 bills into law as of Friday. Another round of signing is being considered this afternoon.

CHEYENNE — Governor Mark Gordon will sign bills during a formal bill signing ceremony held at 2 p.m. today in room L54 in the Jonah Building in Cheyenne.  Legislators and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Gordon has already signed 27 bills into law during the general session, including a joint resolution recognizing Women’s Suffrage Day, campaign finance revisions, equal-pay penalties and limited mining operations amendments.

Here is a list of the bills Governor Gordon has signed into law as of February 14.

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The formal bill signing this afternoon has been requested for the following legislation:

Bill TitleEnrolled Act #Bill Title
SF0093SEA No. 0011Grizzly bear hunts.
SF0043SEA No. 0020Hathaway scholarship eligibility.
HB0044HEA No. 0017Expungement of juvenile court records.

Governor Gordon will act on the following bills during the ceremony:

Bill Title Enrolled Act #Bill Title
SF0028SEA No. 0008Banking technology and stock revisions.
SF0073SEA No. 0010Lottery revisions.
SF0061SEA No. 0012Cooperative utilities-bylaws.
SF0022SEA No. 0013School district personnel definitions.
SF0037SEA No. 0014Wyoming energy authority.
SF0051SEA No. 0015Tobacco tax equivalence.
SF0027SEA No. 0017Public purpose investments.
SF0063SEA No. 0018LSRA investments.
SF0010SEA No. 0019Modification of probation.
HB0221HEA No. 0020Family medicine residency program.
HB0054HEA No. 0022Federal natural resource policy account-amendments.
HB0069HEA No. 0023Collection of sales tax by marketplace facilitators.
HB0078HEA No. 0024Education major maintenance funding.
HB0079HEA No. 0025School finance interfund loans.
HB0056HEA No. 0026Uniform Trust Code amendments.
HB0043HEA No. 0027Midwife services-Medicaid.
HB0033HEA No. 0028Principal and income act-principal place of administration.
HB0031HEA No. 0029Rule against perpetuity amendments.