Governor Mead Says No Refugees Under Flawed System

Governor Mead Says No Refugees Under Flawed System

CHEYENNE – With continued fighting overseas and the recent events in Paris, refugees continues to be a major focus of governments around the world.

In the United States many states have voiced concerns about letting refugees in. On Tuesday, Wyoming Governor  Matt Mead released the following statement regarding the refugee issue.

“No state should have to endure the threat of terrorists entering our borders. The President needs to make certain an absolutely thorough vetting system is in place that will not allow terrorists from Syria or any other part of the world into our country.” – Governor Matt Mead.

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“In light of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, I have joined other governors in demanding the refugee process be halted until it is guaranteed to provide the security demanded by Wyoming and United States citizens,” Mead continued. “I have written the President to make it known Wyoming will not accept a lackluster system that allows terrorists to slip through the cracks.”

Governor Mead and other governors have a conference call with the President this afternoon.