Governor Mead Signs Five Bills on March 7, 2018


CHEYENNE– The Wyoming Legislature is currently in session, and Governor Matt Mead signed the following bills today.

The Bills

  1. Enrolled Act: HEA0001  Bill Number: HB0019  Title: Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-virtual currency exemption.

An act relating to trade and commerce; amending the Wyoming Money Transmitter Act to provide an exemption for virtual currency; and providing for an effective date.

2. Enrolled Act: HEA0002  Bill Number: HB0023  Title: Audit requirements for conservation districts.

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An act relating to conservation districts; exempting conservation districtsfrom the audit requirements of the Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act; and providing for an effective date.

3. Enrolled Act: HEA0003  Bill Number: HB0072  Title: Ad valorem tax collections.

An act relating to ad valorem taxation; specifying that a county may deduct extraordinary costs to collect taxes prior to distribution of the tax; providing that a county shall not be liable for amounts not collected due to nonpayment by a taxpayer; and providing for an effective date.

4. Enrolled Act: HEA0004  Bill Number: HB0076  Title: Supplemental security income program.

An act relating to the state supplemental security income program; transferring the program from the department of family services to the department of health; requiring rulemaking; providing for the transfer of funds as specified; and providing for effective dates.

5. Enrolled Act: HEA0005  Bill Number: HB0088  Title: State construction department-amendments.

An act relating to the state construction department; providing for an operations division as specified; providing for standard, base and exception budget request processes for state appropriations to the state construction department; repealing conflicting provisions; and providing for an effective date.

For more information on these bills, click here to visit the Wyoming Legislative Service Office’s website.