Governor Mead Signs One Gun Bill, Vetoes Another

Governor Mead Signs One Gun Bill, Vetoes Another

CHEYENNE – Today Governor Matt Mead signed the bill which allows for concealed carry in public schools, and vetoed the bill that would have allowed concealed carry in public meetings.

Concealed Carry in Public Schools

Mead signed Original House Bill 194, School Safety and Security. This law authorizes school districts to adopt rules for concealed carry on school property.

The rules must provide an application and approval process, safeguarding and training requirements, and a process for revoking authorization.

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This law further requires notification of law enforcement, parents, and guardians. It provides for local control and specific parameters.

This bill was sponsored in part by legislators being asked by very rural schools without readily available law enforcement protection to have the opportunity for district consideration.

The Governor vetoed the bill that would allow guns to be carried in public meetings, known as Original House Bill 137, Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act.

“Vetoing any bill is not a decision I take lightly,” said Governor Mead. “This bill had flaws. My veto message notes my strong support of the right to keep and bear arms, the numerous gun bills I have signed into law, and the numerous lawsuits I have directed the Attorney General to pursue to protect Second Amendment rights.”

Concealed Carry in Public Meetings

House Bill 137 would have allowed concealed carry in any government meetings on public property but, for legislative meetings on public property, would have allowed concealed carry only where permitted. These were not consistent provisions.

It was problematical for the Legislature to treat a county commissioner meeting or town council meeting, for example, different from legislative meetings. Many have asked for a say in such an important matter just as the Legislature has kept a say itself.

Governor Mead’s veto message on HB137 can be found here.