Governor Supports Task Force Recommendations for Wyoming Forests

Governor Supports Task Force Recommendations for Wyoming Forests

CHEYENNE – The Governor’s Task Force on Forests released its report with recommendations for proactively managing Wyoming forests. The recommendations represent short and long-term strategies that Wyoming can implement with federal and private partners and local governments.

“The Task Force on Forests has worked hard and its proposals are realistic and measurable,” Governor Mead said. “I asked for a plan that fit Wyoming – the Task Force got it right.”

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The report presents 12 major recommendations with 53 sub-recommendations for the Governor’s consideration. These fall under three themes: fire and other disturbance; resource management; and economic opportunities and innovation.

Lisa McGee of the Wyoming Outdoor Council and Jim Neiman of Neiman Industries co-chaired the Task Force that included representatives from state, local and federal government, industry, conservation groups, and forest users.

“This diverse group brings a complete vision of forest management with a broad perspective that is bigger than a single interest,” Governor Mead said. “I appreciate the work of the Task Force and have requested funding for these recommendations.”

Read the final report: