Graduation Plans Confirmed by Sweetwater County School District No. 2

Graduation Plans Confirmed by Sweetwater County School District No. 2

GREEN RIVER — Green River High School (GRHS) Assistant Principal Mike Aimone, and Expedition Academy High School (EAHS) Principal Ralph Obray, confirmed the schools’ graduation plans during the Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night.

GRHS and EAHS Graduation Plans

The GRHS commencement will take place Monday, May 18, in which a prerecorded video will be posted on GRHS’ Facebook and YouTube page.

On May 5, GRHS hosted the “senior walk”, in which senior students with their families were allowed to enter the school in small groups to walk the hallways and take photos. In the commons area, the students walked across a small stage. They had their photos taken with their families and their diploma sleeve.

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The photo of them with the diploma sleeve and a baby photo will be shown for each student in the graduation video.

The video will be posted at 7 pm and families are encouraged to watch it in its entirety just as they would an in-person ceremony.

The virtual presentation will include a virtual flag presentation, a message from Senator John Barrasso, a speech from Superintendent Jamie Christensen, student speaker, photos of each student as their names are read, tributes to the sports teams, and messages from some staff members.

The same type of presentation will be done for EAHS. This week, students have been coming to the school to walk across the small stage for their graduation video.

EAHS’ 2020 graduation video will be posted on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday, May 19, at 7 pm.

Senior Parade

On Wednesday, May 20, the senior class from both schools will be celebrated by the community with a rolling parade through town.

The community can line the parade route while maintaining social distancing. Noise makers, signs and tributes to the seniors are encouraged.

The parade will start at Wild Horse Canyon Road and end at Stratton Myers Park.

At the end of the parade, there will be a firework show in which seniors and their families can park at Stratton Myers Park, Veterans Park, the rodeo grounds and the municipal horse corrals to enjoy.

A visual of the parade route, provided by SCSD No. 2.

The suggested route will begin at the Hampton Inn, go over the overpass, up Uinta, turn on Upland Drive, drive by GRHS, turn left on Hitching Post, down past the football field (in which the stadium lights will be on), turn right onto Monroe and end at Stratton Myers Park.

SCSD No. 2 says students and families should practice social distancing and avoid riding with peers.