Superintendent expresses gratitude to the community and a desire to work closely with the Rock Springs City Government

Superintendent expresses gratitude to the community and a desire to work closely with the Rock Springs City Government

ROCK SPRINGS – New Superintendent of Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Matthew Neil spoke to the Rock Springs City Council on Tuesday. He expressed his gratitude to the community and spoke about his desire to work closely with the Rock Springs City Government.

Being in the community now for 10 weeks, Neil expressed his gratitude to the entire community for making him feel welcome as he starts a new home in Rock Springs. He also spoke highly of stepping into a role in which the two governmental entities are working closely together. He explained he has been meeting with the individual city council members and has met with Mayor Carl Demshar several times.

Councilman Rob Zotti agreed saying he appreciated the way Neil was reaching out to the city and the community.
“It’s really great to see the work the district and city are doing together,”Neil said.

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One project Neil said really showed this commodity was the opening of the new Eastside School. He told the council without their help, the city building and zoning offices and the community, this school would never have been ready when it was. There was an issue with the open house of the school on the same night as the city council meeting. Neil apologized for this mix-up.

The Stagecoach expansion is another project the school district does not have much to do with but will benefit them a great deal. Neil applauded the Stagecoach expansion and a city government was was proactive on this and not reactive. He explained the road will assist the district by allowing buses to go out two different ways which will ease traffic congestion.

Demshar said while they were going through projects for the six-cent tax, the Stagecoach expansion continued to go to the top of the list. Demshar added it had a lot to do with the traffic issue and the possibility of the new schools in the area.

“It’s going to make a tremendous difference,” Neil said. “Especially with the possibility of a new high school in that same area.”

At the last school board meeting, a presentation was given on truancy at the high school. Neil said he has also seen a great support from the Rock Springs Police Department and the Rock Springs Fire Department.

Neil expressed that ordinances passed by the council has made it possible for the high school to look at new truancy programs. He added they recently had a meeting and six police officers did attend to discuss the issue.

“All of it has really helped us began to look at new and better programs,” Neil closed.