Green River Chamber Honors Tom Murphy with Volunteer of the Year Award

Green River Chamber Honors Tom Murphy with Volunteer of the Year Award

Tom Murphy received the Green River Chamber's 2020 Volunteer of the Year award for all of his contributions throughout the community. Green River Chamber photo

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Chamber named local resident Tom Murphy as the 2020 Volunteer of the Year award recipient.

The Chamber praised Murphy for his volunteer efforts that have been witnessed by many residents throughout the community.

“Most know Tom from his firefighter volunteering where he has done many events; some of the most well-known are his fire prevention lessons and COVID-19 birthday drives,” the Chamber said.

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Murphy was surprised and honored to receive this award.

“I did not expect this and feel it is such an honor to receive this award. I want to thank those involved who made this award possible for me,” Murphy said.

Along with his charitable nature, Murphy brings a positive attitude into everything he does, and has helped the Green River Chamber with several events.

“Tom was seen last year in the river catching ducks during the Great Duck Race at the River Festival and assisted with the Run with the Horses Marathon. He did all of this without a second thought,” the Chamber said.

Murphy was also integral in helping put on the first Flags of Honor event last year, in which he set up the flags and brought the Green River firetruck.

“His generous support helped the Green River Chamber pull off this outstanding and surreal event,” the Chamber said.

A big reason why Murphy volunteers is because he enjoys meeting new people through his volunteer work.

“I recognize the growth in our community, especially when we volunteer for local events. I value meeting different people by being involved with many different projects within our community,” he said.

The Green River Chamber said it was an honor to present this award to Murphy, as he helped the Green River community for over 20 years with his countless volunteering efforts.

Murphy, however, said he volunteers simply to give back to the community he loves. He sees volunteering as a great way to improve the community and show pride.

“I feel volunteering is a vital way to give back to our community,” Murphy said. “A way to help improve both awareness, improvements and community relationships with pride.”