Green River Chamber talks summer events as well as new digital sign on Flaming Gorge Way

Green River Chamber talks summer events as well as new digital sign on Flaming Gorge Way

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Throughout the years in Sweetwater County, residents have seen many successful events mainly due to partnerships and agencies putting resources together. On Tuesday, one of these partnerships was in the spotlight at the Sweetwater County Fair Board meeting.

Several times throughout the year, the Green River Chamber of Commerce gives the Sweetwater County Events Complex an update on projects they are working on and plans for future events.

Green River Chamber Director Rebecca Eusek (formerly Briesmaster, she was recently married) gave the Fair Board an update on several projects. Eusek said the Chamber continues to stock brochures throughout Green River and Jamestown which feature several events at the Events Complex. She also explained to the board they share many of the events from the complex’s Facebook page to theirs to add more exposure.

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As planning for summer events starts to pick up, Eusek spoke to the board about several of them. The first was the National High School Finals Rodeo. She presented the board with bandanas and said the Chamber would again be handing them out this year. She said last year they handed out many of these bandanas at the shooting competition. Eusek explained the Green River Chamber is planning on helping at the shooting events again this summer and will also help staff the information booth at the rodeo as well.

During last year’s Wyoming Big Show, the Green River Chamber also helped staff the information booth which was just one of the many things they assisted with. Eusek reported the GR Chamber provided 206 volunteer hours at last year’s fair and would be out again this year helping staff the information booth as well as the VIP tent. She also reported they would be selling tickets to both events at the Chamber again this year.

One thing the Green River Chamber puts together is a photo contest which takes place during the fair. Eusek said they display the photos at the fair where people can vote on their favorites. They then take the top 24 pictures and make a calendar out of them. Eusek said they are planning on doing it again this year.

During her presentation, Eusek also gave the board an update on events which are more related to the Green River Chamber. She said they have the monthly Lunch and Learn presentations at the Hampton Inn in Green River every third Wednesday of the month.

Eusek also reported they have started planning for this year’s River Festival which takes place in Green River in August. This is the biggest event the Green River Chamber puts on each year.

Her final report was about the Green River Chamber’s new digital sign they have recently started working on. She said the new sign will not be in the same place the old was but rather will be moved to the east side of Flaming Gorge Way.

Eusek said the sign is being paid for by sponsors as well as some grants they are working on. Eusek said the biggest sponsor is the Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Recreation Board. She explained they will be posting all high school events on the sign as part of the sponsorship with the school district.

On grants for the sign, Eusek said they recently received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power and are supposed to be receiving one from Questar in the near future as well. The cost of the sign is $80,000 and Eusek said with the Questar grant they will have the cost of the sign covered. Currently, they have raised $71,000 for the sign.

The current plan is to start putting up the new sign in March once the entire amount is collected and if the weather cooperates. Eusek said they definitely want it up and working before the summer events.

Events Complex Director Larry Lloyd said the Green River Chamber has been a great partner and applauded them for all the work they do to get the word out about the complex and Sweetwater County.