Green River City Council Approves Stormwater Management Study

Green River City Council Approves Stormwater Management Study

The Green River City Council was back at City Hall Tuesday, May 19.

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council was back at City Hall Tuesday night for their meeting in which they voted 5-2 to enter into an agreement with Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. for a stormwater management system master plan and modeling study in the amount of $148,876.

Councilman Gary Killpack and Councilman Robert Berg voted against it.

Mark Westenskow, Green River Public Works Director, said the city first brought the master plan forward to the council during the first meeting in April and have been working towards it for a long time.

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However, when the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic happened, the request got pushed back. However, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc., said they are still on board with the plan and study. Westenskow said they were bringing it back to the Council for them to decide the fate of the plan.

“These master management plans inform the decision we make as far as capital improvements,” Westenskow said.

The city’s 2019-2020 budget included $150,000 for the preparation of this study, so the money has already been budgeted to cover the cost.

Killpack said he voted against the plan and study because he does not think the city is in the economic environment to be spending $148,000 on a plan.

As the city puts together the fiscal year 2021 budget, the finance committee has already cut the $4.5 million in capital project requests by $4.1 million, according to Reed Clevenger, Green River City Administrator.

“We’re having to cut $4.1 million out of the budget this year. I just can’t see us paying $148,000 for a study that we could get by this year and do it next year,” Councilman Killpack said.

Killpack added that the city’s tax revenue was down this month by approximately $200,000.

“Next month might be worse,” he said.