Green River City Council Members Take the Oath of Office

Green River City Council Members Take the Oath of Office

Robert Berg, Sherry Bushman, and George Jost took the Oath of Office for the Green River City Council Tuesday night. Photo courtesy of Steve Core

GREEN RIVER — In a special ceremony Tuesday evening, two newly elected and one re-elected Green River City Council members were officially sworn into office.

The three elected officials were sworn into office by City Judge Jason Petri at Green River City Hall. The ceremony took place prior to the City Council’s regular meeting.

The two newly elected officials are Sherry Bushman in Ward 1 and George Jost in Ward 2. Robert Berg in Ward 3 is the incumbent who was sworn in.

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Other Business

In other business, Councilman Gary Killpack was selected as the Council President, and Councilman Mike Shutran was chosen to serve as Council Vice President for 2021 in a unanimous vote.

Killpack and Shutran were also appointed to the Finance Committee. The committee also consists of Mayor Pete Rust, City Administrator Reed Clevenger, and Director of Finance Chris Meats.

Mayor Rust also proclaimed January 2021 both Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.