Green River Man Sentenced in Sexual Assault Case

Green River Man Sentenced in Sexual Assault Case

Kaleb Kirsop, 21, of Green River, has been sentenced to three concurrent 8-10 years sentences after pleading guilty to first-degree sexual assault, third-degree sexual assault and stalking.

GREEN RIVER — A 21-year-old Green River man has been sentenced to three concurrent 8-10 year sentences for his involvement in a sexual assault that occurred in October 2019.

Kaleb Kirsop was initially charged with six felony and two misdemeanor counts stemming from an incident involving a minor female that took place in a Green River apartment on October 5, 2019.

The felony charges involved three counts of first-degree sexual assault, one count of third-degree sexual assault, one count of strangulation of a household member, and stalking. The misdemeanor charges involved domestic battery and violation of a protection order.

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Kirsop reached a plea agreement with the state and was sentenced on one count of felony sexual assault, third degree sexual assault, and stalking. The remainder of the charges were dropped by the state.

Warning: The following contains graphic content that might not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

October 5, 2019

According to court documents, Kirsop and the minor female had been dating but broke up over an argument while both were working together. The two have a child together, and Kirsop was living with the female and her mother after the breakup until he could find other arrangements.

On the day of the incident, documents show that Kirsop texted the female from a bedroom asking her to come upstairs to talk about their fight. When she met him in the bedroom, he placed their sleeping baby in a bassinet. That’s when she reported that the assault began.

Kirsop took her down on a couch in the bedroom and began removing her clothes, eventually exposing her from the waist down. He forcibly performed cunnilingus on her then penetrated her with his penis despite her repeated pleas to stop, the documents state.

He eventually stopped, but then maneuvered her into another position and penetrated her digitally. Documents state that during the assault, Kirsop placed his hand around the female’s throat applying enough pressure to restrict her speech and breathing.

SANE Examination

Immediately after the rape, Kirsop left the apartment and for several days texted the female apologizing for his actions. She testified talking to several friends about the incident, and then eventually told her mother. Her mother took her daughter to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County where the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner performed tests, showing a sexual assault had taken place.

Court records also show that Kirsop sent several texts to his brother confessing to have “accidentally raped” the female. He told his brother that he knew he could be going to prison, and threatened to commit suicide.

He also continued to text the female and reached out to her mother on Facebook messenger after a restraining order was filed.

Those actions resulted in the stalking violation in which Kirsop was found guilty.

Each felony count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Kirsop’s three sentences will run concurrently.