Green River Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

Green River Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Police Department was notified Monday afternoon August 3, 2020, that one of our own has tested positive for COVID-19. We believe this to be a single positive case, the individual is in good condition and isolating from home.

The officer works in the Patrol Division and was tested after exhibiting symptoms, while on days off. The employee was directed to self-isolate, and the employee’s partner officers were also directed to self-quarantine during the 14-day incubation period. The origin of how the officer contracted the virus is under investigation.

Public health has done their initial investigation and have notified anyone who was in close contact with the positive case.

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“Our police officers are on the frontlines every day, bravely putting themselves in harm’s way to protect our community,” said Chief Tom Jarvie. “Our Department has been proactive in taking precautions to reduce exposure for our officers and the public. We have been preparing for this possibility and recognize the potential impact of a positive test for a first responder. We will continue taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves, which in turn protects our family, coworkers and our community. I want to reassure the community that we remain fully operational and able to deliver responsive public safety services.”

Since learning of these positive test results, the Department took the following actions:
• Notified additional City employees who may also have been exposed.
• Completed a deep cleaning of the facility and designated police vehicles.
• Initiated the Public Health Department’s contact investigations and will be conducting additional testing as

This news should not deter the public from calling 9-1-1 when needing emergency assistance. The Green River Police Department continues to take extensive precautions to safeguard our community members and other emergency personnel.

We thank our community for its patience, understanding, and cooperation as we work through these challenging times together.


What to do if you feel sick: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are showing symptoms, please call your primary care provider or seek medical attention.

Please follow these tips to slow the spread of this virus:

  • Follow Public Health Orders
  • Wear cloth face coverings in public settings, especially when physical distancing of at least 6 feet isn’t practical.
  • Stay home when sick and avoid other people unless you need medical attention.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Older people and those with health conditions that mean they have a higher chance of getting seriously ill should avoid close-contact situations.
  • Long-term care and healthcare facilities should follow guidelines for infection control and prevention.

For current news, updates, closures and resources, please visit our COVID-19 Coronavirus page here.