Green River’s Northside Lift Station Force Main Line Has Been Repaired

Green River’s Northside Lift Station Force Main Line Has Been Repaired

GREEN RIVER — The Northside Lift Station force main line has been repaired and is back in service, however officials have been monitoring it all weekend, according to a press release.

As reported April 29, while performing routine checks on service lines, a dye test revealed the possibility of seepage from the North Side Lift Station force main under the river. This underground line from the Lift Station near the Union Pacific Rail Road ties in near the horse corrals and then flows to the treatment plant. The leak appeared to be on the Southside of the river and seemed to occur following a back-flow scenario after the wet well had been pumped, the release states.

Green River Public Works Department acted quickly to be able to isolate the area. They contracted with a tank and container solution company that placed three large containers at the Northside Lift Station to be used for extra surge capacity. The Department uses the lift station pumps to pump into the containers where our vacuum trucks, with the assistance of a local contractor, were able to haul the waste to be put into the treatment facility. This allowed the force main line to be shut down and allowed for the inspection of the pipe.

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They were then able to work with a local construction contractor to build a coffer dam utilizing two large trench boxes. Once these were in place and the pipe exposed, two areas of repair were found and repair bands have been applied to control the situation. The force main line was then placed back into service, the release states.

City Administrator Reed Clevenger said the work has gone quickly and he is impressed and proud of how the Green River City employees have been able to work together in a team effort with the contractors to re-energize the system with no impact to the residents and users of the system. He said the public works department will monitor the work that was done this weekend and will be working on a long-term solution for this aging line.