GRFD to Apply for FEMA Grant for New Breathing Apparatus

GRFD to Apply for FEMA Grant for New Breathing Apparatus

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously authorized the submission of a FY22 Assistance to Firefighters Grant to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The estimated grant total is $298,009 with a 5 percent match, however, Green River Grants Manager Ryan Rust said the cost could be higher because of issues with the supply chain. This means the required local match will be at minimum $14,900.

The Green River Fire Department’s (GRFD) current SCBA’s are no longer manufactured. This presents concerns regarding support and replacement parts.

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If the city receives the grant, the GRFD would be able to purchase 45 new SCBA’s.

Other Business

The Green River City Council also unanimously approved a training services agreement with Long Building Technologies to provide training to a local technician to work on the HVAC system on the Green River Police Department’s main floor.

Green River Parks and Recreation Director Brad Raney said ever since the police department opened, there have been issues with the LG VRF units. As these are uncommon units in Wyoming and no local technicians exist to service and repair the units, when there are issues the city must hire certified LG contractors out of Utah to make the repairs.

This agreement allows for Long Building Technologies to send the city’s regular technician to training to become LG certified and the city will split the cost with them. As part of the agreement, they will service and repair the units at the police department.

City Administrator Reed Clevenger said if this doesn’t work for long-term system repairs, then it will be a big budget item later on. The city’s portion of the training agreement is $2,755.