Harrison Elementary Students Put on Animal Wax Museum

Harrison Elementary Students Put on Animal Wax Museum

Students at Harrison Elementary school put on a wax museum for a school project. Courtesy photo, Brittney Montgomery

GREEN RIVER —Students at Harrison Elementary school recently put on an animal wax museum after doing a few weeks of research.

Brittney Montgomery’s first-grade class had been working on becoming informational writers to finish out the school year. As part of their learning experience, each student was tasked to pick out an animal of their choice and conduct some research regarding their animal’s habitat, diet, appearance, and other interesting facts.

After collecting research, each student wrote a report, created a poster, and became the animal. On Friday, the class held a wax museum where the students displayed their animal posters, dressed up, and stayed frozen until their button was pushed. When their button was pushed, they then came to life and gave a monologue about their animal.

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Montgomery said she was proud of each student’s hard work and effort put into the animal wax museum project.