Healthy Spring Water Runoff Expected But Slightly Lower Than Previous Two Years

The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is currently 86% of capacity and spring runoff will have a significant impact on those levels.

ROCK SPRINGS — With recent measures calculated by the Natural Resource Conservation Service for spring snowpack around Wyoming, officials are predicting another healthy water runoff this summer.

However, the snowpack percentage following what felt like a brutal 2018-19 winter are slightly lower than the previous two years.

The last measurements recorded Monday show that the average snowpack for the entire state is 108% of normal. Snowpack was 117% of normal in 2017-18, and 132% of normal in 2016-17.

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NRCS analysts can remotely measure snowpack percentages thanks to a number of high-tech mountain stations located throughout the state.

Western Wyoming from the Shoshone River drainage all the way down to the lower Green River Basin boasts the healthiest snowpack averages in the state at just over 125%, according to the NRCS.

The runoff should have a significant impact on both the Fontenelle and Flaming Gorge Reservoirs in southwest Wyoming, but for very different reasons.

Knowing these numbers and how to prepare for high runoff levels can help keep you safe and enjoying Wyoming’s many great, outdoor recreational opportunities throughout the summer months.