#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Keri Farwell | Rock Springs Murdoch’s

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Keri Farwell | Rock Springs Murdoch’s

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals at local businesses in our community. 

This week I had a chance to catch up with Keri Farwell. Keri is the store manager at the Rock Springs Murdochs’ Ranch and Home Supplys. She spends her days motivating team members, managing everyday operations of the store, and making sure every customer/team member is taken care of.

Keri has always felt that she needed to grow in order to be successful. Becoming the manager of Murdoch’s wasn’t something Keri sought out to be but she loves a challenge and with dedication and hard work throughout the years, managing Murdoch’s seemed to be the right fit.

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For me, success is achieved by personal growth, helping others, being able to give back, working hard, achieving goals and helping my team achieve theirs.

Keri Farwell

For seven years, Keri had been a stay at home mom and in 2013 she became a clothing associate at Murdoch’s in Casper. In less than two years, Keri was promoted to be the Carhartt Specialist, and then the Assistant Clothing Manager. Five months later, Keri joined the team at the Rock Springs Murdoch’s as the Clothing Manager.

After two years as the Clothing Manager, Keri knew she wanted to do something different but she wanted to stay at Murdoch’s so she decided to apply for the Assistant Store Manager position and she ended up getting a little more than she bargained for, but it did end up paying off in the end.

“At the time I got the position we did not have a store manager, so not only was I learning a whole lot of new things. I was also playing the role of the store manager going into 4th quarter.”

Finally, in May of 2019 Keri was promoted to Store Manager and the rest is history.

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For Keri, working her way up to Store Manager came naturally because she believes in her team and the Murdoch’s mission. Murdoch’s as a whole has always made it a point to EARN admiration, respect, and smiles of their customers, team, and supplier partners. The team in Rock Springs is no different, we’ve (SweetwaterNOW) been lucky enough to partner with Keri and her team for a number of giveaways throughout the past couple of years.

Keri is thankful for all of the opportunities she’s had while being part of the Murdoch’s family. Though she enjoys her work, it’s the people she gets to work with and watch grow that has made the journey so enjoyable.

Front Row (Right to Left): Abigail Sadlier, Nicol Krmpotich, Keri Farwell, Andrew Kettering, Suzzette Bruderer, Donna Hemphill, Kyler Griffin
Back Row (Right to Left): Danera Smith, Jackson Peek, Taylor Skinner, Jesse Rosse, Shane Heavin

“I have the best Assistant Store Manager Suzzette Bruderer, she has been my sidekick for the last couple of years and not sure what I would do without her. The team we have grown and will continue to grow,and build make it easy to come to work every day. I very much enjoy training team members, working beside them, watching them grow and interacting with our customers.”

Keri has a few wise words of advice for anyone who is starting the career or aspiring to become a business owner or manager.

“Admit when you are wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Lead by example and never stop trying to be your best.”

The team at the Rock Springs Murdoch’s would like to personally thank all of their customers for their support throughout the years.

“We love seeing you, your families, and your fur babies!”

Give the folks at Murdoch’s a call at (307) 448-2460

Keep up with them on Facebook HERE

Stop by at 2401 Foothill Blvd in Rock Springs