Hospital Postpones Elective Surgeries

Hospital Postpones Elective Surgeries

SWEETWATER COUNTY — In order to prepare for a COVID-19 crisis in Sweetwater County, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County announced on Tuesday afternoon that elective surgeries would be postponed.

“Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the country, including our own, are preparing for volumes of patients like we’ve never experienced before,” said Dr. Tony Pedri, an orthopedic surgeon at Sweetwater Memorial specializing in orthopedic trauma care.

The hospital’s surgery department has implemented temporary measures “to adapt and provide you with the best possible care during these unprecedented times,” Pedri said. “We have made the difficult decision to postpone all elective procedures that can safely wait, while continually evaluating all surgeries on a patient-by-patient basis.”

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While elective surgeries will be placed on hold, Sweetwater Memorial will continue to provide uninterrupted care to those who may sustain injuries.

The hospital also encouraged people to take extra safety precautions.

“While many of us choose to spend time in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, please take extra precautions, especially while riding motorcycles, ATVs and bicycles, or simply staying in the yard playing on the trampoline,” Pedri said.

“The situation is evolving daily, and we continue to make changes and adapt accordingly,” Pedri said.