June is the Target for First Shriners Patients to be Seen at MHSC


SWEETWATER COUNTY – Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and Shriners Hospitals for Children are moving forward after making their partnership official.

On March 15, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County signed a contract with Shriners Hospitals for Children making them the first Shriner’s affiliated hospital. The affiliation will allow Shriners patients in the region to be seen by their doctors in Salt Lake at MHSC through telemedicine.

MHSC Chief Executive Officer Jerry Klein gave a brief update on the progress since then.

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Shriners officials have been on site as they prepare for the first patient. Klein said they have also trained local physician assistant Ryan Wilk to help with the transition. Wilk will assist the doctors at Shriners with the patients here locally.

During the recent board meeting, staff was asked if they know how many local Shriner patients they are. It was reported there are around 20 locally with 10 in Green River. A more regional look increases that number to around 35.

Klein and his staff said the goal is to see this number grow and they will continue to promote this new service to the region.

A June target has been set for the first patients to be seen.