Young Bear Wanders Into Laramie, Released Unharmed

Young Bear Wanders Into Laramie, Released Unharmed

Pictured left to right Wildlife Biologist L. Knox, North Laramie Game Warden K. DaVannon, Officer L. Smith. | Laramie Police Department - Facebook

Laramie, Wyo. – A juvenile bear found its way into town this weekend, with many Laramie residents taking notice. The blonde-colored brown bear toured the area for around 6 hours until Laramie Police Department and Wyoming Game and Fish officials carefully sedated the animal.

According to a post online by Laramie police, Regional Wildlife Supervisor M. Withroder believes the black bear was about 2 years old, a male weighing 80 pounds who had probably just left his mother to go out on his own and somehow made it into Laramie.

The bear was safely transported and released in the Snowy Mountains.

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“Thank you to all the citizens who called in sightings so that he could be safely caught and returned.”