Kathy Phelps Announces Bid for Rock Springs Mayor

Kathy Phelps Announces Bid for Rock Springs Mayor

ROCK SPRINGS — Kathy Phelps has announced her candidacy for Rock Springs mayor.

Phelps is longtime resident who loves Rock Springs. She’s raised her two successful daughters here, both of whom work in the healthcare field.

Forty-one years ago, she opened her accounting business where she specializes in taxes, financial, and business consulting.

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“I help people thrive during bust economies that are inherent to our area. I love helping people and am great at what I do,” Phelps said. “This is why I have been in business for so long.”

This year, the budget is of the utmost concern. This city is estimated to have a $4 million deficit by the end of the year. Budget balancing and management are in Phelps’ wheelhouse.

“I will work alongside the Council to find and cut hidden waste and award city contracts fairly so we can remedy this situation without costing employees their jobs. I will also work to bring in new businesses and new sources of revenue. I believe in the transparency of local government,” Phelps said. “You have a right to know how your tax dollars are spent.”

“I am not a politician. I was not planning on running again, but this is such an extraordinary time for Rock Springs,” Phelps said. “We have a bright future ahead of us, even if it may seem a bit cloudy right now.”

“There is so much more I want to say, but even more, I want to know what is on your mind. Let’s talk,” Phelps said. “I look forward to hearing from you. My door has always been open to my clients. My door is open to all of you.”