Kids Program Robots at Sweetwater County Library

Kids Program Robots at Sweetwater County Library

Kids used coding to program robots at the Sweetwater County Library Friday afternoon. SweetwaterNOW photos by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — Kids gained experience with coding Friday afternoon at the Sweetwater County Library by working with the VEX 123 Robotics program.

The library added the VEX Robotics program during the summer, and Friday marked the first free play class where kids could use the robots in different challenges. Kids could either do a tow truck challenge or robot bowling.

“Today the kids are programming using a touch pad and coder cards, and going through different obstacles,” Becky Iwen, Manager of Youth Services at the library said.

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In the tow truck challenge, they had to code their robot to tow an object to the end of the line on a game board. The kids tested how strong the coded robots were, and how far they could pull an object.

For the bowling challenge, the kids used pieces of paper as the pins and bowling balls, and coded the robots to only hit the balls to ultimately strive for a strike.

“There are a lot of different levels of robot, and this is the first level,” Iwen said. “We are hoping to add more complicated robots in the future.”

The goal for the VEX Robotics program at the library is to build off of each time the kids meet to keep leveling up in the difficulty of the challenges.