Kris Casillas Named RS URA Volunteer of the Month for April

Kris Casillas Named RS URA Volunteer of the Month for April

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency (URA) is pleased to announce Kris Casillas as their Volunteer of the Month for April.

Casillas was born and raised in Rock Springs, along with his two younger siblings. He has been involved in recreational and school sports for most of his life, including his involvement with Boy Scouts Troop 8.

“Out of all the activities I have tried,” said Casillas. “Scouts is what I have stuck with and enjoyed the most. Being a part of the troop is like having a second family.”

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Troop 8 assisted him in completing a landscaping Eagle project in April in an effort to help with Downtown beautification. The project took place around the “Globe” sculpture beside the Front Street overpass.

“I couldn’t have done it without the help from these amazing people. I like that we will be able to look over whenever any of us drive by, and remember all those hours of work we put into that area,” he said.

The Casillas’ family has been part of the downtown community for most of his life. Inalvez Chavez, the owner and chef of Casa Chávez is his grandfather. Almost all of the family, however, has worked at and supported the business to make it a restaurant staple in Rock Springs. Casillas himself has worked as a waiter and dishwasher along with Maria Velasquez, his grandmother, and Cecelia Velasquez, his aunt, who is also the manager of Casa Chávez.

He will be attending the University of Wyoming in the Fall of 2023, studying geology and earth science. He will also be joining the Western Thunder Marching Band.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Rock Springs Main Street/URA, send an email to or give their office a call at 307-352-1434 to be added to the volunteer emailing list.