Learn How to Protect The Green River This Earth Day


GREEN RIVER, WY — Kids and adults alike will have the opportunity to discover something new about the environment and how to better protect the local Green River at the City of Green River’s 2018 educational Earth Day event.

The city’s 6th annual Earth Day celebration is Friday, April 20th at Expedition Island from 10 am to 2 pm. The theme for our event is “Make Every Day Earth Day”.

Learning Booths

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The Pavilion will be filled with learning booths for children of all ages focusing on different environmental issues and how to better take care of the environment.

“Children can learn about the environment and ways we can protect and keep the environment for future generations,” Jason Palmer, City of Green River Utilities Director said.

“I think its a wonderful learning experience for children to learn about their environment from professionals.”

The learning booths will include utilities, water distribution, waste-water treatment, streets department, University of Wyoming Master Gardener, organic foods, compost education, the Green Belt task force

“An engineering service will have a drone there,” Palmer said. “We’ll have a fire truck outside, like a touch-a-truck experience.”

Storm Water Drains

Palmer will be teaching about storm water drains in a visual representation, and what types of garbage and waste can and cannot be filtered out of the water once it’s in the drain.

When filtering out storm water, Palmer said they can filter out the larger pieces of garbage, but can’t filter out the liquids as easily.

“Of the different things people are throwing in the water, we can’t screen out oils; hypo carbons, antifreeze, etc.,” he said. “We can’t filter that stuff out, that’s why we want to avoid getting that stuff in storm drains.”

The event will be a visual, hands-on experience to learn what ways citizens and the community as a whole can better care for the local environment, the river, and the city itself.

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Jason Palmer