Legislative Report for February 29th, 2024

Legislative Report for February 29th, 2024

House Chamber during the morning session in the 2023 legislative session. Photo by Michael Smith

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Oil and Gas

Wyoming’s Energy Matching Funds panel suggested allocating almost $11 million for two projects promoting electric vehicles and enhanced oil recovery this week. Project sponsors plan to contribute an additional $12 million, reaching a total expenditure of $23 million on Wyoming’s innovative energy initiatives. Governor Mark Gordon will make the final decision, the 10-day public comment period ends on March 8. The projects aim to recover oil in Campbell County and assess Wyoming’s mineral resources for strategic metals. In 2022, the Legislature granted $100 million for matching private or federal funding, with an additional $50 million in 2023. Senator Cheri Steinmetz raises concerns about the budget session’s challenges to funding Wyoming Energy Authority projects.


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A bill preventing schools from hiding students’ health information from parents passed the Wyoming House of Representatives with a 55-7 vote. The bill, titled Parental Rights In Education (Senate File 9), mandates schools to inform parents about changes in a student’s health and restricts schools from blocking parental access to records. It also requires permission for most health screenings, with some last-minute changes allowing certain screenings unless parents opt out. An amendment added the necessity of parental approval before schools teach about sexual orientation or gender identity. Another amendment includes notifying parents about changes in a student’s “educational health.” Some proposed amendments, like updating parents only on “negative” changes and allowing lawsuits for violations, were rejected. The bill now awaits Senate approval after recent amendments. Another bill, House Bill 92, with a simpler approach, is being considered in the Senate.