Legislature to Consider Bill Increasing Lawmaker Per Diem


CHEYENNE — Wyoming law makers will consider a bill to increase the daily per diem amount that legislators receive during the upcoming session.

Senate File 49, if passed, would raise the daily per diem amount for legislators from $109 to $151. The bill is being sponsored by the Management Council.

The bill would also increase per diem rates that are based on the legislative rate; meaning any state board, commission, council, authority or other state entity whose rate of per diem is based on the amount of per diem paid to legislators. 

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The per diem amount would be adjusted every year on July 1 by the state auditor, based on the standard per diem rate established by the United States general services administration for travel within Wyoming.

The change would take effect on January 1, 2021. Money for legislator’s per diem comes from a specified appropriation to Wyoming’s general fund.