Local Businesses Are Getting Hacked

Local Businesses Are Getting Hacked

A godsend, I wouldn’t be in business today!

Prior to having an IT service provider, we were hacked and ALL of our computer files were held for ransom. I knew I needed an experienced team to help solve this disaster but also, I realized it was time to be proactive in keeping my company safe against cyber security threats.

I hired Sweetwater Technology Services and together we revived our network while recovering nearly all of our stolen files. To add to that, they helped us with smaller tasks that were piling up. This created more time for us to focus on our pressing business matters, while not worrying about IT. Forming a partnership with Sweetwater Tech has been a Godsend, their knowledge and support is crucial for our business!

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in business today if I hadn’t reached out for guidance from Sweetwater Technology Services. I can’t imagine anyone who has better customer service and cares more about their clients.

Brad & Stephanie Wallendorff, Desert View Animal Hospital

Quick Cyber Security Stats

  • 60% of small businesses who suffer from a cyber security breach shut down within six months.
  • 95% of malware is delivered via email.
  • By 2021, cybersecurity services are expected to account for well over 50% of budgets.
  • Data breaches resulted in 36 billion records being exposed in the first three quarters of 2020, according to RiskBased Security research. Despite this, the number of publicly reported breaches decreased by 51% compared to the same time last year.
  • More than 90% of healthcare organizations suffered at least one cybersecurity breach in the previous three years, according to the U.S. Healthcare Cybersecurity Market 2020 report.
  • Cyber crime costs organizations $2.9 million every minute, and major businesses lose $25 per minute as a result of data breaches, according to RiskIQ research.

Don’t take your chances…

Give them a call at 307-362-7879
Stop by at 2241 Foothill Blvd, Unit D

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