#LOCAL HEROES: The Stott Family

#LOCAL HEROES: The Stott Family

These are your #LocalHeroesordinary people doing extraordinary things in Sweetwater County. This SweetwaterNOW series highlights those often unnoticed acts of kindness to the incredible actions of many in our community.

Elizabeth Stott and her children, Dayton, Jace, Rhett, and Ellie, made Don Martinez’ day when they decided to stop by his home and ask him if he needed help with his yard.

Martinez, who uses a wheelchair, knew his lawn needed worked on and gratefully accepted the family’s offer.

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Elizabeth said they drive by Martinez’ house every day and noticed the yard needed a little cleanup and work, so she decided to see if there was something she could do to help.

Elizabeth said she and her family have offered to help others in the past, but for whatever reason the answer is usually “no.” This time, it was different. Not only did Martinez say yes, he seemed happy that someone asked.

“They don’t get a lot of opportunities to serve,” Elizabeth said about her children.

On Thursday, the Stott family made their way to Martinez’ house and got right to work, mowing and edging the lawn, removing dead shrubs and trees, and sweeping dirt off of the sidewalks. Elizabeth estimated the project would take about 4 hours. When they were about 2 hours into the project, Martinez came out of the house with Gatorades for everyone to drink and thanked them for all their help

The family took a small break and grabbed a drink while standing in the shade.

While the family was resting, Martinez talked to them.

“You have no idea now important this is,” Martinez said.

Martinez told them they didn’t know how hard it is for him to find someone to help him and he repeatedly thanked them for all of their hard work.

Jace knew what Martinez was talking about. Jace described the front yard as “a forest” before him and his siblings began. However, after a couple hours of work, it was already looking quite a bit different.

“I think it looks a lot better,” Jace said.

Elizabeth said she loves doing yard work and was looking for a way for her children to complete some volunteer work. Elizabeth grew up volunteering and knows how rewarding it can be to help someone in need. She wanted to pass this experience along to her children.

“It’s a good learning opportunity for my kids,” she said. “It just makes you feel good to know you made someone’s life better,” Elizabeth said.

Martinez was extremely thankful for the help; and the family was happy they could help out.

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