Local Students Give the Gift of Wellness and Holiday Cheer

Local Students Give the Gift of Wellness and Holiday Cheer

Olivia Laughlin, 13, hands out fitness packets to the Mansface Terrace residents.

GREEN RIVER– A group of Lincoln Middle School students visited Mansface Terrace on Tuesday to give the residents the gift of wellness and cheer.

Lillian Duncan, 13, Holly Lake, 14, and Olivia Laughlin, 13, organized fitness packets for the seniors at Mansface Terrace, which outlined safe and effective exercise for senior citizens to do. They also crafted handmade mini sleds to give to the residents as Christmas themed gifts.

Thanks to one of their sponsors, The Daily Knead, the girls were also able to give the residents healthy cookies, which were made of squash.

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The middle schoolers are part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, which is a school nutrition and exercise program that promotes healthy living.

“Fuel Up to Play 60 is a wellness leadership team where we encourage healthy eating and exercise for at least an hour every day,” Duncan said.

Lincoln Middle School has many students involved in the program, however, these three young girls decided they wanted to take on a project that would help spread some holiday cheer.

One of the Mansface Terrace residents holds her new handmade mini sled.

Laughlin and Duncan came up with the idea while on the school bus. Laughlin said she was aware that not everyone is able to get together with family over the holidays.

“I thought that coming and spreading some Christmas cheer with my friends would be fun,” Laughlin said.

Projects such as this one help the Fuel Up to 60 team earn points, which will help them attend the end of the year summit. Lake said other projects the team has done includes a school-wide smoothie competition, and they also helped with the wellness day that is put on for the elementary schools.

Lake, Duncan, and Laughlin show the residents one of the exercises.

Karly Eyre, Lincoln Middle School Fuel Up to 60 advisor, said the girls worked on the project even while they were on Thanksgiving break. The girls made phone calls during their time off to try to get donations for this project.

“They did the work, they dealt with the rejections, they did it all,” Eyre said. “The only thing I asked them to do was take a little time with the Evonne Crumb from the Silver Sneakers program at the Green River Recreation Center. She came in and she was wonderful teaching them some exercises.”

The Mansface Terrace residents were excited to try out the new exercises, and they were even more excited about trying cookies made with vegetables.

After presenting their project to the residents, the girls stuck around for a while to talk with the residents.

Duncan hands out squash cookies to the residents.