Main Street’s Off Broadway Concert Series Continues May 9

Main Street’s Off Broadway Concert Series Continues May 9

The Off Broadway Concert Series in Rock Springs continues with a performance from Ohio-based performer Ben Gage May 9. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS – The Broadway’s Theater’s Off Broadway Concert Series continues with a special free performance by Ben Gage May 9.

Ben Gage is a songwriter from Akron, Ohio. He grew up in the rust belt of northeast Ohio, spread out in the countryside along the great Lake Erie. His roots run deep beside the hard-working blue collars that Ohio has to boast. That tenacity, love of family, and respect for a long day can be seen in his music. He doesn’t shy away from life’s ups and downs and sews human experience within all his songs, artfully, without the need to bash you over the head with ideas.

During the of 2021 Ben quit his job in the tech sector to pursue music full time. Now he travels the U.S. sharing stories and songs and always collecting more.

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Folk and blues music gives us a way to hand along a story, and it’s what fuels Ben’s songwriting and the reason he includes the listener. The best story sets aside the complexities and focuses on honesty.

Gage’s performance takes place at the Wyoming Club May 9, starting at 7 p.m.

The Off Broadway Concert Series is a collaborative initiative developed in partnership with the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency and the Broadway Theater. The genesis of the “Off Broadway” concept resonates with a passion to enrich the musical and cultural landscape of Downtown Rock Springs. Beyond artistic enrichment, the series aims to invigorate foot traffic and bolster the prosperity of local businesses nestled within the heart of Downtown.