Make-A-Wish Fundraiser Competition Tops $62,500 in 2023

Make-A-Wish Fundraiser Competition Tops $62,500 in 2023

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The year’s biggest snow storm wasn’t enough to deter the student bodies of Rock Springs and Green River High Schools this month.

The schools combined to raise $62,529.66 in the annual Make-A-Wish fundraising competition. Rock Springs raised $36,214.21 while Green River finished with a total of $26,315.45.

Coming into the 2023 fundraiser, the schools combined to raise $951,165 over the 20-year span of the event. The outstanding effort this year despite many planned events being canceled or moved because of the weather has pushed the overall total above $1,000,000.

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“Our councils are given accolades each year at the Wyoming Association of Student Council Convention where our names and totals are flashed across the big screen with great anticipation,” said RSHS Student Council Sponsor Amberlee Beardsley. “We are known for the large amounts we send every year to the foundation and no other council or school comes close to bringing in the amount of money we do!”

The student body presidents of Rock Springs, Green River, and Farson-Eden High Schools came up with a platform that challenged the competition to be spread throughout the counties and regions of Wyoming, Beardsley added.

The Natrona County schools are gearing up for their Make-A-Wish fundraising competition and “Sweetwater County challenges you to make more wishes come true,” she said.

Congratulations to the student bodies, school district staffs, and communities of both Rock Springs and Green River for their amazing dedication and contributions to this outstanding program!