How Many Deer Are in Green River City Limits?

How Many Deer Are in Green River City Limits?

Answer: 105 mule deer were counted by Wyoming Game and Fish.

GREEN RIVER — On Jan. 24, Green River wildlife personnel worked with Green River police officers to count deer within city limits.

This was the second year of the survey and 105 deer were counted.

During the 2017 survey, 63 deer were counted on the same survey routes.

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This is just a sample of the deer in town. A couple of large groups of deer were
missed in 2017 and 105 deer is probably more representative.

There have always been resident deer in Green River and they sometimes cause damage to flowers, gardens and shrubs, and to people and or their vehicles when they are hit.

Keeping track of town deer numbers could provide useful data in future management decisions for the City of Green River.

Deer are commonly seen around town year-round.