Marchal Instrumental in New Wamsutter Fire Truck

Marchal Instrumental in New Wamsutter Fire Truck

SWEETWATER COUNTY – As local governments bunker down for upcoming budget sessions, bringing money into the county is key. The person who does this for Sweetwater County was recently recognized by the city of Wamsutter.

Sweetwater County Grant Writer Krisena Marchal was honored at Tuesday’s Sweetwater County Commission meeting. Commissioner Randal Wendling read a letter from the town of Wamsutter thanking Marchal for her recent help.

In need of a new fire truck and with a grant deadline quickly approaching, Wamsutter called the county and asked Marchal for assistance. She was able to get the application completed and in by the deadline.

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On Jan. 21, Wamsutter’s grant application sat in front of the Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board. Wendling said everything fell into place and the hard work paid off as Wamsutter’s application was approved.

In the letter, Wamsutter Mayor Rob Phipps thanked Marchal saying without her none of this would have been possible.

Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said Marchal has been instrumental in bringing millions of dollars to Sweetwater County. He said the commission is always being told how Sweetwater County has the best grant writer in the state and they are lucky to have such an “outstanding and dedicated” employee.