Mark Baker Announces Campaign for Wyoming House of Representatives District 60

Mark Baker Announces Campaign for Wyoming House of Representatives District 60

GREEN RIVER — Today, Mark Baker announced that he will be seeking election to the Wyoming House of Representatives for House District 60. Baker previously served in House District 48 in Rock Springs from 2013-2017. He resigned from the legislature after moving from Rock Springs to Green River.

“Sweetwater County is one big community. We all share the same goal of a safe, clean and prosperous county. Our state needs to ensure a bright future for our children and after the legislature attempted to increase taxes in 2019, many people began encouraging me to run for the legislature again.” Baker was known as a fiscal conservative while serving.

While in the legislature Former Representative Baker served on the Judiciary, Court Room Security and the Select Investigative Committees. He also successfully championed a number of issues through the legislature with personal bills and amendments.

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“I was able to bridge the gap between the Democrats and Republicans in Cheyenne with bi-partisan bills and amendments like the Hathaway Scholarship Exemptions bill, the Fishing with Artificial Light bill, the Electronic Citations bill, and the Bitter Creek funding amendment”. Baker continued, “With that same spirit, I would like to continue to work to see an increased benefit to Sweetwater County. We fund a large portion of the state government and deserve to see a local return.”

Mark hopes to use his previous experience to bring resources back to Sweetwater County. “The state needs to address the safety issues associated with Interstate 80 between Rock Springs and Green River. Someone must shine a light on the unnecessary daily danger that exists for so many in our community. Every road in our state is considered energy related and can qualify for special funding. The 8 miles between the communities is the busiest road in the state and it should be treated as such. With thousands of citizens in Green River relying on the road for emergency access, and the increased congestion only getting worse, now is the time to begin the discussion in Cheyenne to see future improvement in our County infrastructure.” He also expects to continue to lead the way on a number of social issues including the 2nd amendment, sensible cannabis reform, the fight for life, and continued religious freedoms.

The campaign asks for your support, welcomes questions and can be reached on social media at or by calling 307-371-5113.