Marshall Burt Announces Candidacy for House District 39

Marshall Burt Announces Candidacy for House District 39

GREEN RIVER — Marshall Burt, local Marine Veteran, railroad worker, and part-time Green River firefighter is running for Wyoming State House 39. Marshall is entering this race out of a sense of duty to his wife and family, his country, and his community.

While in Sweetwater County, Marshall helped build a home for the American Legion in Green River, became a charter member of the Sweetwater County Marine Corps League, and just recently became a part-time firefighter for Green River. He is dedicated to bringing more jobs in more industries to Wyoming by removing barriers to success, fighting to return lands to our state, innovating education so that resources follow the child and families can choose the best for their children, and protecting all rights enshrined in the constitution.

“I am running to be a consistent voice for economic diversity by opening markets and making Wyoming the best state to innovate. I am running to make sure that people keep more of their money to invest in their communities and their families. I am running to invite innovation to education to improve student success. I am running because people like me, whose long hours and hard work keep this world moving, need a voice in Cheyenne,” Burt said.

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Marshall Burt will be formally nominated for House District 39 at the Libertarian Party of Wyoming State Nominating Convention happening on June 13, 2020. He has raised over $3,000.00 already as he prepares for an energetic campaign season.