Mayor announced he will appoint a Blue Ribbon Committee to address responsible pet ownership

Mayor Carl Demshar presents Red Desert Humane Society Board member Teresa Shively the responsible pet ownership proclamation.

ROCK SPRINGS – Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar announced the creation of a Blue Ribbon Committee to focus on responsible pet ownership in the city of Rock Springs at the Tuesday night council meeting.

During the proclamation, Demshar announced the city will adopt the principles of responsible pet ownership as goals and expectations of this community. The five goals and expectations include spay and neutering all pets, acquire pets from only responsible and ethical sources, provide animals with the necessary food, shelter and medication as part of providing them a forever home, license and permanently identifying all pets to ensure they can always find their way back home and providing pets with the necessary training and socialization to prevent them from becoming a threat or nuisance in the community.

After reading the proclamation, Mayor Demshar said that often problems in the community revolving around pets are issues which arise from irresponsible pet ownership. He said often times residents see pets running around the community and say it is an animal issue. He said it is actually due to irresponsible pet owners.

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The mayor announced he will appoint a committee to address issues in an effort to improve pet’s lives and bring more education to pet owners about the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

Councilmen Tim Savage and Billy Shalata were part of the group discussions which let to the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Savage agreed the city does need a board and citizens need to step up and reach these goals for their pets. Shalata also agreed.

“The community worked hard on this and it is a step forward in the right direction for our companion animals,” Shalata said.