Memorial Hospital Foundation, Castle Rock Hospital District and Medical Office Building discussed at Thursday meeting

Memorial Hospital Foundation, Castle Rock Hospital District and Medical Office Building discussed at Thursday meeting

ROCK SPRINGS – As the holidays approach, one doesn’t have to look very far to find an event taking place. On Thursday, the boards of the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and the MHSC Foundation met together to discuss events the foundation will be part of.

Not only did both boards discuss events, they also talked about the new medical office building, an agreement made with Castle Rock and a new grant.

President of the foundation board Al Harris spoke on his recent tour of the construction site.

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“It’s one thing to hear people to talk about,” Harris said. “It’s mind blowing.”

Recently, Charlie Van Over of Plan One Architects gave tours through the office building. During the meeting, MHSC Board President Artis Kalivas announced they are going to do another round of tours. They will take place on Nov. 16 starting at 10 a.m. and will finish at 2 p.m. The tours last about 15 to 20 minutes.

Harris also praised the children’s waiting area which is designed to keep children entertained. Forward thinking is how Harris described it. Kalivas also gave information about when residents can expect the doors to open on the project.

The first two floors should be finished at the end of December. There was a comment made that on one floor they are actually painting the walls. The third floor is expected to open in March. Several services and physicians in the community have inquired about the space and Kalivis informed the boards it is filling up.

Some of the biggest news in the discussion was on partnerships and heavy recruiting. The cancer center has all the necessary doctors in place.

Castle Rock

While it was explained that the University of Utah partnership was continuing and growing, MHSC has entered into another partnership. Kalivis said they have agreed on paper to work with Castle Rock. Harris asked if the agreement was similar to the U of U agreement. Kalivis said it was very similar.

Kalivis made it clear the agreement does not mean MHSC is going to take over Castle Rock, it is an agreement to help.

“We want to help those Green River folks out,” he explained.


The MHSC Foundation recently finished up their golf tournament and are moving forward with others events. Becky Ruthenbeck discussed all the fun. She said the golf tournament was bigger than last year. They had 10 more teams this year and six more sponsors were added. The golf tournament raised $6,200.

“The fun factor was very positive,” Ruthenbeck explained.

The employees of MHSC also stepped up this year. Ruthenbeck reported last year the employee contribution program raised $45,000. This year they have surpassed that with $54,000.

The guardian angel program is starting to take off. Ruthenbeck said there are currently 35 people who will be a guardian angel for local children, They are also started preparing the Tree of Light event.

“Our employees have really stepped up and are making a difference,”Ruthenbeck said.

Another event which is just around the corner is a Red Tie Gala. The event will be on Feb. 1 and will take place at the Sweetwater County Events Complex. For residents who are planning on attending they are asking men to wear red ties and the ladies red shoes. There will be a dinner and auctions to name just a few of the planned activities.

Grant recipient

MHSC has received a grant which will benefit the community in a major way. Ruthenbeck told the board they received a grant of $50,000 for the recruitment of a psychiatrist. She said all they are waiting for is Kalivis’ signature and it’s ready to go.