Michele Irwin announces candidacy for House District 18

Michele Irwin announces candidacy for House District 18

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Michele Irwin has announced her candidacy for House District 18. The full text of the announcement follows.

Michele Irwin

I am Michele Irwin and I am running for the Wyoming legislature, House District 18.  The district covers a large portion of Southwest Wyoming, with parts of Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta counties within the district boundaries.  It includes north of Rock Springs, Buckboard, McKinnon, Washam, Bear River, north Evanston, Opal, Kemmerer, Diamondville, LaBarge, Granger, and west Green River.  There are diverse needs and opinions.

But one thing that we share is a large amount of public land.  These lands are rich in natural resources that provide jobs, and are the number one source of income for our state.  But these lands are also home to wildlife, which, through hunting, fishing, recreation and tourism make up the second largest segment of our economy, pouring $4.8 billion dollars into our state’s economy.

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These lands are not only our bread and butter, but also places we love.  The open spaces, the right to hunt and recreate are one of the great privileges of living in our great state.

Wyoming has long held to the standard of “growth on our terms,” first coined by our only three term governor, Democrat Ed Herschler from SW Wyoming.  But there are those in leadership positions of our state who seem driven by self-interest and not the public good.

I don’t think we should have to give up the things we hold most dear in order to balance our state budget or grow our economy.  I think we need fresh perspectives and representation of more of our population than the chosen few.  I think we are quite capable of being proactive with the issues facing us, to not only hold onto what we cherish about Wyoming, but also make it better for more of our citizens, and our environment.

I have a varied work history, including nearly 20 years in the trona industry, but also Western Wyoming Community College, Sweetwater School District No. 2, Sweetwater Assessor’s Office, and various other employment.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Idaho State University, and a Master’s in Public Administration from UW.  I believe in life long learning, and continue to take classes and workshops to expand my knowledge and skills.  I have been a long time member of both the Wyoming Outdoors Council and Wyoming Wildlife Federation.  My husband and I raise bison along the Green River.

I have the background, time and energy to be an effective voice for SW Wyoming.  I have an open mind, am willing to listen, and appreciate the input of others.  But I will also hold firm on Wyoming values:  I support coal, as one of many potential energy sources.  I am a strong gun advocate.  I believe in personal freedoms.  I will fight to preserve our way of life that includes public access to the millions of acres we call home, and a healthy environment for wildlife and us.  I will work to diversify our economy and encourage innovation in all sectors.

It would be my privilege to serve the citizens of House District 18.  I humbly ask for your support.

– From a press release

For more information visit the campaign site and Facebook page.