New Video! – Northpark Elementary celebrates 30 years of education

ROCK SPRINGS — From kindergarten to fourth grade Northpark Elementary School students celebrated their school’s 30th anniversary Thursday night. Each grade took the stage in turn and sang, performed poetry and performed a dance.

Kindergartners sang “Buzzing Bees” performed the poem “Count to 100″ and showed off their “Chicken Dance” abilities.

First graders sang “Forgetful Blues” performed the poem “Reading: Head to Toe” and did the “Muffin Man Dance”.

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Third graders sang “Its All About Music”, performed the poem “Louder than a Clap of Thunder” and did the “Sid Shuffle”.

Fourth graders closed the show by performing “Dynamite” recited the poem “The Vacation School” and ended the night with the dance “Oh Johnny”.