Our Favorite Holiday Memories and Traditions: What Are Yours?

Our Favorite Holiday Memories and Traditions: What Are Yours?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we at SweetwaterNOW asked our employees to share some of their favorite holiday memories or traditions with our readers.

Once you’re done reading our short glimpses into holidays’ past, we encourage you to share your favorites with us.

Snowy Footprints – Stephanie Thompson

Christmas. The very word shoots me back into my childhood and all the excitement, anticipation, and fun that comes with it. For me, every year seemed almost magical, but there is one memory that stands out and will be hard to top.

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I was in elementary school at the time. I must have been 6 or 7. It was Christmas morning, before the sun had even risen, and my sister Sarah and I were wondering if Santa had come.

We tore down the stairs knowing our parents were already outside milking cows and wouldn’t hear us. Once down the stairs, we ran through the kitchen to the living room. Sure enough, our stockings had been filled and presents were left under the tree, but what really caught our attention was the big, human shaped, snowy footprints left on the carpet leading to the back door.

We opened the back door and saw that Santa’s footprints led to what appeared to be sleigh tracks and what we decided were reindeer tracks. If only we would have been able to take photos of it. To this day, the magic of that morning lives with me and I still believe.”

Family Gatherings on Ludwig Street – David Arambel

One of my fondest memories of Christmas was celebrating the day with a huge feast at my Aunt Gert and Uncle Fred Taucher’s house on Ludwig Street in Rock Springs.

We always celebrated with the Tauchers and Yerkovichs with 15 to 20 people packed into that tiny home. The house was actually a duplex apartment, and the adults would be upstairs playing cards and enjoying smokes and spirits while the cousins stayed downstairs taking turns on my uncle’s fat-burning machine.

The machine was an upright monstrosity with a cloth belt that you put around your waist, and the belt would vibrate your love handles at three variable speeds. It was like a big toy to all of us, although I’m sure my uncle didn’t see it that way.

After dinner when it was time to do the dishes, my cousin Tony and I always evaded that chore by finding some hiding place where no one ever found us. How they didn’t in that small space is beyond me, but I’m pretty sure we never washed a dish in like 10 years.

Those were the good ol’ days!

Christmas Lights Tour – Brayden Flack

My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at all the Christmas lights around town. We do this every Christmas Eve. It’s been a long-standing tradition since I was a kid. I enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity with their lights and it’s a great way to bring about the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Productions – Olivia Kennah

Throughout my childhood, my favorite part of Christmas were the Christmas performances my brother Zach and I would put on for the family. Being the co-founders of Z&O Productions, creating videos and acting out plays wasn’t limited to Christmas, but the Christmas specials were, well, just that: special.

Our grandparents and uncle would join our parents on the couch and be our somewhat enthusiastic spectators as we put on Christmas plays, puppet shows, or played Christmas-themed videos we filmed earlier in the day with our expertise in filmmaking.

For several years, a Christmas wasn’t complete without a Christmas special by Z&O Productions. We were performers, darling!

Recurring Tradition – Lindsay Malicoate

My favorite Christmas memory is actually a recurring one. 

Every year growing up, my Grandma Katy and Pops would drive down from Wyoming to Oklahoma where my family lived at the time and spend a few weeks with us. 

As soon as they were on their way, the house would be elaborately decorated and we would all be anxious waiting for them to arrive. 

It was always so nice to get to spend that time with the whole family. 8 people (4 kids) packed into a quaint 3-bedroom home could get a bit chaotic, but I definitely cherish those memories looking back. 

We would try to wake up at the crack of dawn to go and get donuts for the family with pops and learn new gift-wrapping skills from Grandma.

I looked forward to those things every Christmas break.

Christmas At Her Grandparent’s Farm – Kaylee Hughes

Growing up, a few of my favorite Christmas memories took place at my grandparent’s farm. Every once in a while, we would all grab some ice skates and go ice skating on a pond at the farm. We’d build a fire and drink hot chocolate. It truly felt like a good ole’ Wyoming Christmas. I also can’t forget to mention getting pulled on a sled behind a 4-wheeler for hours with all of my siblings and cousins.

A Mario Christmas & More – Gary Collins

My mom is a HUGE holiday person, so there are so many traditions and memories that I could list, but one from a long time ago that sticks with me is the year 1985. I am not very good with years, but this one is easy to remember – it’s when the original Nintendo came out. We had family in town for the holidays at our house and everyone took turns (or not) running on the pad for Track & Field and playing Mario and Duck Hunt. The Atari soon found it’s way into storage.

A more recurring memory and tradition would be eating bizcochitos. They are the traditional New Mexico cookie and mom always makes sure to have a ton on-hand during this time of year. Can’t wait to hear about the memories and traditions from all of you!

Now that you’ve read some of our favorite holiday traditions and memories, please take a few minutes to share yours with us.

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