Over-the-Counter Leftover Licenses on Sale This Week

Over-the-Counter Leftover Licenses on Sale This Week

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CHEYENNE — First come, first-serve leftover licenses went on sale on July 13 on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website, regional offices and the Headquarters office. The licenses represent the remaining elk and deer licenses following the leftover draw.

“Leftover license availability changes each year based on what hunters applied for and received in the initial draw. Sometimes there are a lot of licenses — sometimes there are not very many,” license section managerJennifer Doering said.

Hunters buying over-the-counter leftover licenses are encouraged to pay close attention to the area and license type.

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“The majority of these licenses are in difficult-to-access areas on public land. We encourage hunters to seek permission to hunt prior to purchasing an over-the-counter license” Doering said. 

The leftover license availability list is posted on the Game and Fish website.