Photo Recap: Wolves Take Down Broncs

Green River Wolf No. 20, Drew Gibson, fights his way through the crowd of Cody Broncs to pass the ball to another player. Photo by Stephanie Thompson

GREEN RIVER — The Green River High School Wolves basketball team came out on top against the Cody Broncs Saturday afternoon.

The Wolves got ahead and ended ahead of the Broncs in all four quarters, but it came down to the last minute to clinch the win, 69-66.

During the first quarter, the Wolves started to let the Broncs run the game, but they fought hard to regain control of the game. The first quarter ended with them on top, 20-18.

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During the second quarter, it was back and forth between the Wolves and the Broncs. Once again, the Wolves came out on top at the end of the half, 36-33.

Halftime Performance

During halftime, the Green River Wolf Pack Dance Team entertained the audience with an awesome routine!

After halftime, the Broncs came out of the locker room fired up, but the Wolves just kept doing what the did all game long: hit the shots when they needed to most. They came out on top at the end of the third quarter, 54-48.

During the fourth quarter, the Broncs put in one last attempt to bring the Wolves down. As they knocked away the Wolves’ lead, the home-team crowd started to get louder and louder. With a minute left to go, it was anyone’s game, but the Wolves held on for the win, 69-66.