Postgame Thoughts: Tigers Defense Remains Elite, Best is Yet to Come

Postgame Thoughts: Tigers Defense Remains Elite, Best is Yet to Come

The Rock Springs Tigers improved to 4-2 on the season with a 28-7 win Friday night against the Campbell County Camels. Photo by Brayden Flack.

ROCK SPRINGS — In the first cold game of the season, the Rock Springs Tigers came away victorious in a 28-7 win against the Campbell County Camels. This is the third straight victory for the Tigers at a crucial point in the schedule as they move forward to face the best talent in the state.

Friday night’s victory improved the Tigers to 4-2 on the season. Much more was revealed about the Tigers and the path the program is taking as Campbell County fell victim to the Tigers.

Below are some of the takeaways from the game.

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Defense Once Again Proves Itself

Friday night’s win over the Camels was a testament of the Rock Springs defense. The Tigers have built a physical and smart defense that has proven itself week in and week out. An overlooked and heavily underrated Camels offense (which averaged the fifth highest points per game coming into Friday with 26.5) simply could not find answers to the Rock Springs defense.

The wind forced both teams to change up game plans as throwing the ball wasn’t a viable option. As a result, the run defense did a superb job of reading the run and making tackles. Very few tackles were broken and often times it was two or three defenders making the tackle together. In addition, the Tigers ultimately shut down the Camels biggest threat in Vijay Pitter. The effort on the defensive side of the ball was nothing short of praiseworthy.

The bend but don’t break mentality fits this team perfectly and they proved why that’s the case Friday night against Campbell County.

Time of Possession

Despite the scoreboard’s issues with displaying the clock, the Tigers dominated the time of possession. Even with the Camels knowing that the Tigers were going to run the ball, the offensive line opened big holes for the backfield. Long drives emerged and the time of possession played an important part in the second half of the game.

Heading into next week, the Tigers are facing one of the most explosive teams in 4A football in Thunder Basin. Rock Springs showed that they could control the ball, and that will be an underlying key to success against their next three opponents.

The Best is Yet to Come

With the win over the Camels, the Tigers have essentially stamped their ticket to the postseason.

The Tigers are scheduled to take on three of the top teams that belong to the “Big Four.” Every game this season has built the team and molded them to take on the likes of Thunder Basin, Cheyenne East and Natrona. The best is yet to come for Rock Springs and over the remainder of the season, the Tigers will have an opportunity to show us what they are truly made of.

One of the signs that this program is turning around will be based upon how they play against these next three teams. Being able to compete and play well with the Bolts, Thunderbirds and Mustangs will be a sure sign this program is making leaps and bounds.