Program Offers Free Consultations for Sweetwater County Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Program Offers Free Consultations for Sweetwater County Small Businesses and Nonprofits

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SWEETWATER COUNTY — Small business and nonprofit organizations throughout Sweetwater County will have access to a network of consultants, coaches, mentors, and advisors from April 15 through May 15.

The Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC) has partnered with the Green River Main Street, Rock Springs Main Street, Green River Chamber of Commerce, and the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce to deliver the new program. The group of experts offering their support to Sweetwater County is known as GrowHome Sweetwater.

“We’ll be identifying small businesses and nonprofits in Sweetwater County that could use the help of a consultant,” SEDC Specialist Kayla McDonald said. “Basically, it’s a free consulting opportunity for any Sweetwater County small business or nonprofit.”

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The program is being funded by a Wyoming Business Council Rural Development Grant that SEDC received. McDonald said network of experts all have different skillsets and experiences to provide help to local businesses and organizations with several specific needs.

The GrowHome group is a new one, and the program is in its beta-testing stages, meaning it is in its final round of testing before the program is launched full out. McDonald said Sweetwater County is the first rural community in the United States to be part of this program.

They’re getting a feel for what Sweetwater County has gone through since the pandemic and what the economy looks like.

~ SEDC Specialist Kayla McDonald

The group has been conducting an Ecosystem Assessment since March, in which they collect data of what the ecosystem in Sweetwater County consists of including how many businesses the county currently has, and how many businesses have been lost over the years.

The results of the assessment and the consultation reports are expected to be wrapped up by the end of May.

“We are encouraging the Sweetwater County businesses and nonprofits to sign up with one of the consultants,” McDonald said.

She said there are biographies and backgrounds on the GrowHome Sweetwater County website so local businesses and nonprofits can choose the consultant they feel fits their needs best. McDonald added that all of the information gathered in the consultations and interviews are confidential.

“After these interviews and consulting pieces are done, we’ll get a report in the end from this group and they’ll basically tell us what kind of programs we need and what resources we should look into to help our small businesses and nonprofits, whether it’s a grant program or revolving loans, anything like that,” she said.

Business owners across industry will connect with one of the consultants, coaches, peer
entrepreneurs and advisors of their choice throughout the month of April and into May at Sessions are free, online and confidential through Zoom.

For more information or questions, please reach out to Kayla McDonald at (307) 872-3925 or visit

Re-Branding and New Website

On April 2, SEDC launched its brand new website as well as its new logo as part of a rebranding effort. McDonald said the old logo did not really reflect SEDC now that it has moved out of the Rock Springs Chamber.

McDonald said the new marketing and website were done with the help of a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, who offered $10,000 for the new website and marketing.

The website and logo were designed through West Edge Collective, a website design company out of Cheyenne.

“So we worked with a Wyoming-based company. We’re really excited about it,” McDonald said.

Check out the new website here and the new logos below.