Red Desert Humane Society Educates Kids About Animal Rescue

Red Desert Humane Society Educates Kids About Animal Rescue

ROCK SPRINGS– Red Desert Humane Society hosted its annual Rescue Camp this week which all led up to an adoption event at Petco on Saturday.

About the Camp

Red Desert Humane Society has been doing the rescue camp for about six years, and its purpose is to educate the community.

Kids between the ages of 12 and 18 spend one week learning how to be a rescue worker. They are assigned a dog, and the kids work with this dog all week.

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The kids train the dogs, groom them, and learn about what the dogs like and dislike.

At the end of the camp, the kids help run an adoption event for the dogs they worked with throughout the week.

This year, the kids wrote resumes for the dogs that they could give to people at the adoption. The resumes gave a list of the dogs’ likes, dislikes, commands they know, and more.

Getting to Know The Dogs

Noah Brandt and Hunter Faigl worked with Sampson, a 3 1/2 year old male lab and husky mix, throughout the week.

They said they learned a lot about him during the week-long camp.

“He likes squeaky toys. He’s not a fan of normal stuffed toys,” Faigl said.

They said Sampson enjoys walks and playing in the water. He also likes most dogs and loves people.

“He’s really friendly, he’s sweet and nice, and he’s playful,” Brandt said. “He likes to snuggle.”

They added that he’s not very good at fetch. He likes to chase the ball but doesn’t bring it back.

Brandt’s favorite part of the camp was playing with Sampson, while Faigl most enjoyed grooming Sampson.

“My favorite part was grooming him because he thinks it’s like a massage,” Faigl said. “He was relaxed and happy.”

Brandt and Faigl also said they learned about Parvovirus and other diseases during the camp. They also learned how many dogs and cats there are living in shelters, which is why neutering and spaying is so important.