Residents Rally to Celebrate Boy’s Birthday in a Unique Way

Residents Rally to Celebrate Boy’s Birthday in a Unique Way

Kash Jones celebrated his birthday a little differently this year due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS — When Ashley Jones realized the birthday plans she had scheduled for her son weren’t going to happen due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus recommendations for social distancing, she made her plea to community members on social media.

Ashley asked community members on Facebook already putting teddy bears in their windows for the teddy bear hunt to include a “Happy Birthday” sign beside it for her son, Kash, who turned 4 years old on March 30.

“I saw that people were putting bears in their windows, so I thought maybe they would be willing to add a sign for the birthday boy,” Ashley said.

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Ashley thought she might get a few to respond, but her request didn’t go unnoticed.

The turnout was way more than Ashley had ever expected. She asked for those who were participating to let her know their address so they could see the signs.

“I was expecting maybe a couple people to make a sign, or have some of them that already had bears send me their address so we could look at them and tell him they were for him, but nothing like I received,” she said. “I had hundreds of messages!”

Knowing many were participating, on Kash’s birthday, Ashley, Kash and the rest of the family set out to look at the bears and find some “happy birthday” signs.

“We drove around for 4 hours and still couldn’t make it to everyone’s house that messaged me their address,” she said.”

The day was a huge success. Not only did residents put up signs, but some put up balloons and others even left Kash a present.

While Kash enjoyed the day, he was a little confused as to how everyone knew his name and that is was his birthday. However he also thought it was neat that complete strangers knew it was his birthday and left gifts for him.

“I don’t think he is old enough to truly understand how amazing it was, Ashley said. “I can’t wait to tell him about it when he is a little older though.”

For a family that usually has big parties at home or trips to Utah for birthdays, this was something different, but something they will remember.  

“We only looked in Rock Springs, but people in Green River also made signs,” she said. “Some people just messaged me with birthday photos to show him and someone even sent a gift through Amazon.” 

“We moved here from Utah a few years ago and I’ve always been impressed with how close this community is,” Ashley said. “I was so amazed by the amount of love and kindness we received, it’s something my family will never forget.”