RMEF Commits $83,500 for Game and Fish Led Conservation Projects

RMEF Commits $83,500 for Game and Fish Led Conservation Projects

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) recently committed $422,763 to projects in Wyoming with $83,500 going to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to support 10 Game and Fish led projects. These funds will go toward projects addressing a variety of needs including the Access Yes program, fence conversions, aspen enhancements, post-fire restoration, weed treatments, conifer removal, meadow enhancements, as well as disease and nutrition research.

“The continued support from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation allows for significant habitat, research and hunting access projects throughout Wyoming,” said Ian Tator, Game and Fish statewide terrestrial habitat manager. “Without the funds from RMEF, many of these projects would not be feasible.”

For the sixth year in a row, Wyoming’s 20 RMEF chapters represent over 9,100 Wyoming members combined and raise more money than any other state. With the funds raised annually, RMEF frequently supports Game and Fish initiatives like Access Yes and habitat enhancement and conservation projects within Wyoming.

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Since 1984, RMEF has conserved or enhanced over 1.1 million acres in Wyoming through the use of prescribed fire, weed treatments, re-seeding, thinning, water development and conservation and hunting easements.